About UXGupshup

Hosted by Umber Learning Facility

UXGupshup community gathers everyone interested in UX and UI. We talk about User Experience (UX), Visual design, and things related to it: interaction design, new trends, Internet of Things (IoT), user research, sketching and prototyping are few of the topics discussed everything. We also reveal the role of User Experience in the development process, marketing, business, and everyday life. We share our experiences, invite eminent subject matter experts, CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, start-ups, and budding entrepreneurs to present their projects, analyse trends and share knowledge.

UXGupshup is a FREE event where we expect individuals to register themselves on meetup.com and send RSVP through the platform. Shetall Natuu and Pallavi Phadke co-ordinate this activity on a monthly basis. To present your case on this platform, feel free to write to connect@umberlearningfacility.com and follow us on Twitter #uxgupshup.

Umber Learning Facility regularly conducts UXGupshup at its premises on the first Saturday of every month with an interesting presentation followed by a social interaction. Feel free to come, whether you are a UX professional with decades of experience, or a student, or a professional wanting to switch your profession to User Experience (UX). Be a part of UXGupshup and join us on meetup.com.


Past UXGupshups

Letspractise — A successful business story

This UXGupshup we had the pleasure of interacting and talking with Nanda Ramaswami of Letspractise.com. She unfolded her entrepreneurship journey and spoke about her initial challenges. A need-based online platform for her kids turned out to be a successful business venture. The platform is now used by around 4000 active members. Schools, Private tuition providers, and parents use this to learn, teach and practice various subjects. This was a very inspiring and engaging UXGupshup.

Design Thinking — Food for Thought

Design Thinking is a popular tool to help folks approach complex problems, find innovative solutions, think collaboratively and create holistic results with a human-centred focus.

The workshop aimed at conceptual understanding of Principles of Design Thinking. Hands on learn about the Process as well as Methods of Design Thinking. Introducing, Empathy as a tool to gain perspective into problem space. The workshop also involved participants to sketch and ideate on a problem and present it to a team of critical feed-backers.

Design Thinking Workshop

Lean Back and Lean Forward Experience

Lean Back and Lean Forward are the terms used to describe the different modes of engagement that users adopt with media. Television may be regarded as a lean back medium, involving minimum interaction with the viewer, who sits passively and waits to be entertained, while the laptop is a lean forward medium, requiring constant interaction between the user and the materials being displayed on screen.

Speaker explaining lean back and lean forward experience

Living UX

Zakir spoke straight from the heart. Very down to earth speaker and talked of experience visible everywhere and in all walks of life.

He discussed the core of UX i.e. bringing the paradigm shift, change in personality, and your relationship with the people around you and things around you. He pleaded to incubate the true sense of UX by bringing true sense of humanity.

Dark Pattern UX (Group Discussion)

Most of us encounter dark patterns in UX on a regular basis and may not realize it. Dark patterns are User Interface (UI) that purposefully tricks the user to do something that they didn’t want to do. E.g. signing users up for mailing lists they don’t want to be on.

The dark side of user experience is not something we like to talk about in the UX community. As we all know UX is a good force and for the sake of users. Users trust us well. So in this coming discussion let's be aware of such deceptions.

Attentive listeners for Dark Patterns group discussion

Gamification in Enterprise Software

Gamification is the use of game thinking and mechanics in non-game context to engage users in solving problems. In this session we are going to discuss about basics of gamification, game mechanics, enterprise software & why there is need to gamify enterprise software.

Speaker explaining gamification

Research and UX Practice, a show case

Devina, founder and design consultant DesignCoz, shared her wonderful projects with the audience. Answered all the design decision Whys. Amazing presentation and work. A life cycle of design development from strategy to Visual Look all by herself.

Dhaval, Deputy General Manager / UX Designer with Jio, was greeted by all the attendees on webex. He spoke on Decoding Online Shopping Experience and persuasion techniques, like review and feedback. All of us shared our opinion and the house was full of rich experience.