About UXGupshup

Hosted by Umber Learning Facility

UXGupshup community gathers everyone interested in UX and UI. We talk about User Experience (UX), Visual design, and things related to it: interaction design, new trends, Internet of Things (IoT), user research, sketching and prototyping are few of the topics discussed everything. We also reveal the role of User Experience in the development process, marketing, business, and everyday life. We share our experiences, invite eminent subject matter experts, CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, start-ups, and budding entrepreneurs to present their projects, analyse trends and share knowledge.

UXGupshup is a FREE event where we expect individuals to register themselves on meetup.com and send RSVP through the platform. Shetall Natuu and Pallavi Phadke co-ordinate this activity on a monthly basis. To present your case on this platform, feel free to write to connect@umberlearningfacility.com and follow us on Twitter #uxgupshup. We also invite suggestions about speaker names and volunteers who can help us connect with speakers.

Umber Learning Facility regularly conducts UXGupshup at its premises on the first Saturday of every month with an interesting presentation followed by a social interaction. Feel free to come, whether you are a UX professional with decades of experience, or a student, or a professional wanting to switch your profession to User Experience (UX). Finally, this is a community event and you play a very important role. Be a part of UXGupshup and join us on meetup.com.


Past UXGupshups

Principles of Designing Conversational Interfaces

In this IXDA Pune UXGupshup, it was fantastic to hear about how Conversational Interfaces will change the way we live today and will start living tomorrow. Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are still at machine level and lack the human intelligence but it is not too far when things may catch-up. Neha Javalagi talked about the principles of designing conversational interfaces as well as the limitations we should consider while designing for Voice and how you can build the Voice of your brand. She is a junior VUX (Voice User eXperience) designer and content strategist and she designs skills for Amazon Alexa.

For the first time, we went live on Facebook and it was a great experience to see many of you join this session live via Facebook. You can view the video on IXDA Facebook page located at https://www.facebook.com/shetall.natuu/videos/2642122522480726/

Poster for Principles of Designing Conversational Interfaces UXGupshup event

Innovation in Healthcare — Case study on designing healthcare devices

In this very interesting session, Saurabh Bag, Sr. UX Designer at Springer Nature, spoke about his journey as a designer. He walked UXers through the design process that is followed at Stanford bio design and how the teams were formed as a part of the program. The talk gave insights about the cross functional team, their importance and evaluation process while choosing to work on a design brief which could be converted into tangible design solution. Saurabh also spoke about the various insights that his team could gather through the process of design research and shadowing. Insights later became actionables which promoted him to start a venture on his own.

Saurabh Bag discussing his design journey

UX Challenges & Expectations (Group Discussion)

In this interesting UXGupshup, we spoke about the various challenges and expectations which emerge while working on client' projects. Everyone shared their own interesting stories. Points like single designer working in large company where managers do not understand about the importance of design and design process were put forward. Consequently, expectations rise from client and the time available for designers shrinks. Discussions also revolved around changing roles of designers while working with cross location teams and challenges in differential time zone.

There are lots of changes that are happening in the changing business paradigms. As a result, designers need to learn to adapt to these changes and start making their difference felt. This was the conclusion.

Poster for UX challenges & client expectations group discussion event

Making Sense of Big Data — A case study on designing

This IXDA Pune UX Gupshup meet was held at BMC Software's Yerawada office. Thank you BMC for hosting the IXDA Pune meet up in your premises.

Aadesh Mistry, Product Manager at BMC Software Pune, presented challenges while working with Data Scientist who keep constantly working on Big data buy lack the ability to draw insights from that data. As designers, we need to also understand be empathetic toward the different stream of specialisation and work as a collaborative team. It was a great venue with Diverse attendees for this meetup.

Making Sense of Big Data Event Poster

UX Job Interview — What to expect?

This UXGupshup focused on what should one focus on when applying for a UX Job. Girish Unde, a UX Analyst at Zensar Technologies, Pune, spoke on the basic preparation and gave some interesting tips of being prepared for tricky questions in an interview. He spoke on the importance of the UX process and sketching as well. Manoj Nimburkar, a Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist in IT recruitment, gave emphasis on what recruiters look for in the curriculum vitae (CV) of aspiring candidates. He also stressed the importance of portfolio and linked play since both of these play a major role in the initial screening. The extract is captured in the 3 min short video which is useful for students/candidates.