User Research

UX Research provides insights about how people think and use products and services. This helps us find users' views, problems that they face, mental benchmarks they have. Quantitative and qualitative techniques are used to gather data.

User Experience Design Consultancy

Our design process starts with visualising scenarios, map customer journey, and paper sketch wireframes. Clients are part of the creation and refinement. High fidelity prototype and usability Tests on Personas defined for the project sums up our contribution.

Usability Testing Lab

You can hire Testing Lab; hiring test participants; conduct tests with state of the art facility; observation room with one way mirror and a professional moderator are available for testing, Alfa and beta stage designs.

UX Training and Workshops

When you attend our in-person courses you get up-to-date and relevant knowledge and skills taught in a hands-on and interactive way. We are also available in Virtual Classroom for training your busy-scheduled professionals at different destinations and at their pace and convenience.

Mobile Application Design

Does your mobile app engage your audience? Does it persuade people to take action? We apply cognitive science to the design of your websites, apps, and products so that your audience will be engaged and persuaded to take action.

UX for Kids

Ergonomics of kids and considerations for little fingers is our expertise. We help you design playful interfaces for children, in line with child development matrix. Augmented Reality in kids products and Mobile Game Design are few of our experiences.

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Why Choose Us

It is not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to build products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, and, yes, beauty to people's lives.

Don Norman

User Experience Design is a new specialisation. The digital world we live in is customer-centric. In the agile software development era where everything that we do as a product or a service has to give a pleasing experience to the end user. At Umber UX we precisely help you craft these User Experiences, Service Design, or Journey Maps to build successful enterprises.

We apply techniques of Design Thinking, Innovation and help you visualise your end product rapidly. Rapid prototyping tools with User Testing helps us Fail early - Fail fast. Information Architecture, Product Language, Visual Design and Brand Building is also what we do which results in crafting Unified Experiences and services at every touch-point.

Come and let's see and build a new digital tomorrow.

For you just know you might walk away with a happy bunch of audience resulting in a super successful business venture!!!

What we do

UX Research

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UX Consultancy & Development

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Design Thinking & New Product Strategy

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Usability Testing

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Design Training

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App Design & Testing

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