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Comprehensive view and action for appointment scheduler
Persistent Navigation for Ease of Choice
Wireframe for Container Box Navigation
Wireframe of task flow for appointment booking
Wireframe of task flow for doctor-wise calendar

Health Care Enterprise App

Doctors' Practice Management and Quick Appointment Mobile Application.

Bestosys team approached Umber Learning Facility for improving the user experience of their Doctor's Practice Management mobile application. The task involved redesigning as well as optimizing the overall flow. We started with Competitive Analysis in which Bestosys operates (or wishes to operate.)

A new structure of information architecture with a fresh layout was suggested that ensured discoverability and quick access. Concept ideation depended on the end-user's task and goal and wireframes were developed accordingly. Multiple stake holders had to use the application, therefore after a few trial iterations, a flow that accommodated all the users' convenience was arrived at.

Few highlights of new design are Intuitive User Experience, Persistent Navigation, Enhance Information Structuring, and Improved, Optimized form layouts.

Project Details

  • Domain: Health care
  • Skills: Concept Ideation, Competitive Analysis, Persona Creation, Wireframe and Visual Design
Visual Design for engaging token display
Visual Design implementation in Android application
Visual Design implementation for doctor cards

Quick Queuing App (Health Care)

A queuing Mobile Application in health care domain.

How quick can you help people lining up at General Health Practitioner's? Quickly find doctors around you, view doctors details & book instant appointments.

Users' Visual Engagement was heavy as he would view his queue status repeatedly. Design that would softly create Brand recognition and offer a pleasing viewing experience was the highlight of this design challenge.

Project Details

  • Domain: Health care
  • Skills: Concept and Wireframes, Visual Design, UI development, Android Application
Intuitive User Interface for BI Dashboards
Redesigning of Information Architecture for sleek UI

Enterprise Dashboards

Business Intelligence application’s Dashboard and Law firm Management application.

A great dashboard turns a good tool into a great product. If dashboards were designed correctly, it will not only increase the productivity of all users but also decreases the learning curve of new users.

We have done concept ideation and wireframing for different kind of dashboards i.e business intelligence (BI) dashboards, and productized application dashboards for Law Domain.

Simple Structure, Intuitive Design, Facial Iconography were the few highlights of the Dashboard design.

Project Details

  • Domain: Enterprise
  • Skills: Concept Ideation, Wireframe
Concept sketches
Testing from ergonomics point-of-view
Actual usability testing involving participants
Design insight acquired from usability testing
Design feature suggested by Umber UX

Augmented Reality (Usability Testing)

Spintales — Interactive E-textile Storytelling Application in Augmented Reality.

Umber UX Team was engaged by Welspun, one of the world's largest textile makers to validate their new line of products with a patented Augmented Reality storytelling technology called Spintales.

Main testing objective was to identify the business goal of the client for the E-textile product using the augmented reality technology. Experience Goal for this project was to check whether the product brings about value time between parent and child and is the new experience engaging and exciting for kids. A Bed time story telling scenario of a typical family is visualised, where the story of Little Red Riding Hood is told by the parent to their child.

Our Service Offering Include:

  • Planning and recruiting users
  • Moderating and managing wsability testing
  • Creating analysis report including detailed findings and Key design insights base on different elements of the product and considering different factors like Ergonomics, User behaviour

Project Details

  • Domain: Augmented Reality
  • Skills: User Testing, UX Design, User Research
UX for Kiosk Ticketing

Kiosk Ticketing

Ticketing Kiosk for a US amusement Park

Typical issues of a Kiosk in an amusement park is the outdoor location, sporadic rush, different mental models and different ergonomic considerations and anxious patrons wanting a speedy entry to the park.

Complexity of different entry points from where users have procured Park Entry tickets was considered. The package offerings were of two major categories; one being ready bundled tour packs and the other customisable packs. The user could find activities of his liking; dig deep into its picture gallery, map and duration of the activity. The application also had payment gateway supported by mail and SMS receipts.

Project Details

  • Domain: Ticketing
  • Skills: Kiosk Application, Ticketing Procedure, Payment Gateways
Hand sketches, Scenarios, and Storyboard for 60+ app
Core UX Design for 60+ app
Screen flow for 60+ app
Splash screen for 60+ app

60+ (dedicated to senior citizens)

Mobile application for Medical Emergency situation for senior citizens

Senior citizens Living Alone is commonly seen in metro cities. They travel, morning walk, do their errand on their own. They unfortunately are victims of emergency medical support. This app tries to fix this gap with quick call to the closest doctor and the patients close circle friends and relatives are intimated urgently.

Immediate access to funds also poses a major hurdle in early medication. The application works on crowd funding where close user group of senior citizen help fellow patient in his crises. User admin panel is offered to view and manage give and take of money transaction.

Project Details

  • Domain: Social
  • Skills: Mobile App, Crowd Funding, Geo Locator, Direct Calling